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What makes ERA different from other real estate agencies?

What makes ERA different from other real estate agencies?.


This Programme by ERA that is called THE ERA EXTRA MILE PROGAMME and is the first and only one to recognize the service of all salepersons.

With ERA Points- The reward for all ERA Salepersons those get services rendered and their recruitment efforts and The Additional ERA Points for going the extra mile and deliveing excellent services, rewarded Salepersons can not only defray their operation expense but also get better conditions to offers more excellent services as well as create more value for their customers.

In addition, earning ERA Points means that Salepersons can continue their Continuing Professional Development and the ERA Professional Development Progamme without financial concern. And when attending any ERA's business conferences abroad, for instance, in USA, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia, salepersons can use ERA Points to pay for flight tickets.

The effectiveness and boons beyond the expectation for both staff's performance and customers of The yearly $500k Programme makes ERA one of the leading real agency in Singapore.


Get a strong Back-end support for salespersons; Focus better on marketing and teambuilding activities in real market and even more are the sharing of ERA Top recruiter in many months about his company, Ryner Koh who is former Singapore Aimed Forces regular officers and joined ERA no long time ago.

"ERA is one of the-a-kind market-leader among all real estate agency", as a chartered analysist with Building & Real Estate and Finance Degree from NUS, Mr. Koh noted


One of the most significant Programme of ERA, besides THE ERA EXTRA MILE PROGAMME, that take places quarterly to reinforce and strengthen the connection amongst Sales Staff is QUARTERLY CAREER ADVANCEMENT DAY.

Top Achievers get the recognisation for their success and others looking to further their careers are given guidances. The emphasy of the Programme is that all attenders can get rare opportunities to hear, to speak, to enrich their professional knowledge from world-renowned authors or motivation speaker.

There really is the difference in real estate agencies. The difference is ERA.